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  • 0.5 gram Ultimate packs

    Ultimate Series are PE crystal packages covered by a carton box, containing the best quality Negin saffron. This pack is recommended for home and kitchen usage because of its fine shape, easy multi-usage, and tightness of package.
  • 1 gram Ultimate packs

    Ultimative Contains 1 gram pure saffron threads in a glass sealed . One gram of saffron threads equals roughly one loosely packed tablespoon. You only need a pinch of saffron threads (a heaping 1/4 teaspoon) for food that serves four. our Afghan saffron infuses the rice with a lovely aroma and flavor along with its soft amber glow
  • 10 grams deluxe packs

    Deluxe Series is made of metallic materials; contains 10 gram of best quality Negin saffron which has the most popularity due to its fine graphic, easy usage, good shape, multi-usage, and hardness of package. It is covered with a beautiful purple carton box.
  • 2 & 3 grams Slim packs

    Slim Series are PE and plastic packs covered with carton box, containing 2 and 3 grams of best quality Negin saffron. This package is recommended for home and restaurants with medium amount usage. Low weight and volume of package, easily transportation, tightness, showcase and easy usage made these packages as one of our best packages.
  • 2 grams ultimate packe

    Our 2 grams of High quality dried Saffron threads packaged in a beautiful ultimate container. these saffron threads are % 100 pure and derived from natural saffron flowers ( crocus sativus ). the product contains Red saffron threads w, so it is one of the best quality saffron .
  • 3 grams ultimate packe

    Our 3g Ultimate pack is an excellent value purchase for the home kitchen, and will last a long time even with frequent use. Only a pinch of around 20 threads is needed to flavor most recipes, and this 3g Ultimate pack will last around 50 recipes at this rate. We use Afghanistan saffron in our Paella because it is stronger than the Spanish saffron, and we feel it gives a more vibrant color and flavor to the dish.This saffron contains 100% saffron stigmas.…
  • 4 grams ultimate pack

    Ultimate Series are PE crystal packages covered by a carton box, containing the best quality Negin saffron. you can keep them for long time in a cold weather, or give as a gift to your beloved, we offer you our best saffron in this package size as well.
  • Afghanistan Saffron Company

    • Professionals Professionals
    Herat Saffron™ is the branding title of Afghanistan Saffron Company (ARG), founded by Rahmati family in 2006. We are the winner of “Afghanistan Best Exporter 2012 & 2013”. Our main activity at ARG has been the trade of saffron, both in bulk and packaged. Our packaged products are commercialized under Herat Saffron™ brand inside and outside of Afghanistan. We are the first and only saffron company in Afghanistan which provides different services for national and international customers …
  • Dried Mulberry

    Producing Provinces: Baghlan, Panjsher, Parwan Export to: Australia, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, USA
  • Fig

    Producing Provinces: Takhar, Kandahar, Herat Export to: China, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, India, Sweden
  • Grapes

    Producing Provinces: Kandahar, Herat, Faryab, Kabul, Parwan Export to: Pakistan, India
  • Important Information

    Saffron is the most expensive spice, due to the cost involved in harvesting it from the purple Crocus sativus, or the "saffron crocus." More than 150,000 flowers and 400 hours of labor yield only one Kilogram. of saffron. The taste is bittersweet and sharp so very little is required in saffron recipes, and it's available in dried, ground or crushed forms. Here are some ideas for how to use saffron. Instructions: Buy saffron seasonings from a reputable dealer. Powdered saffron ma…