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Internationale Grüne Woche 2021 – Aktuelle Informationen

Agrico Organic Farms


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Agrico is Qatar’s first high-tech Greenhouse Organic Project – the first Qatari organic pilot project to grow, harvest and process organic plants, on its own organic farms. In line with ‘Vision 2030’, in the coming ten years, 200 greenhouses of a similar model should be developed. The aim is to fulfill the
total local demand using environment friendly systems that do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our organic farming practices blend cultural practices, land preparation and farm management with a goal of enhancing healthy, productive soil for growing quality plants that
resist diseases and insects. ​Though the system was tested in extreme climate conditions (between  May and September 2013), with temperatures soaring to as high as 50 degree celsius and humidity
rising to maximum levels, it performed fully according to expectations and proved to be a great success. The future plans for Agrico include adding more greenhouse units in order to enhance the
production capacity and introducing a larger variety of locally grown fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.