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The ‘Altai ECO sort’ company the producer of lentils and other legumes addresses to you.
We have the honor to offer cooperation in the wholesale supply of lentils and other legumes. The products are manufactured in the ecologically clean region of Siberia - Altai Territory, and has the highest quality indicators.
A few words about our company. We export lentils to some countries of the EEC, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan. In Russia, our partners are the largest packers and retail chains, including Magnit, Uvelka, Agro-Alliance, Mistral, National, First Krupyany company.
The company has significant production and storage facilities in the Altai Territory. There are effective grain cleaning systems using SORTEX class chamber photo-separators. Product purity up to 99%. Automatic lines fill packages of 1-3-5-10 - 25 - 50 kg. The production volume is 1500 tons per month. In December of this year, we will launch the third production line and increase production to 3000 tons per month. In this regard, we have the opportunity and are interested in expanding the range of our trading partners.
Green lentils are our main product. Chickpeas and vetch are also processed. The cultivation of legumes in the Altai region has a high stability. This year the total yield of lentils and peas of more than 400,000 tons is planned. We have a reliable production base.

We produce and export high quality
beans and cereals in attractive consumer packaging.
green lentils
red lentils
buckwheatToday I can offer you our main products Green Lentil with such indicators.
-Lentil green crop 2018
-Quality -SORTEX
-Color - light green
-Purity- 99%
-Caliber 5+
-Size: 50 % min. Above the 6 mm round screen
-FM: 1 % maximum -
-Peeled, chopped, broken: maximum 1% (peeled: if removed more than 1/2 husk Broken: if more than 1/4 of the grain is damaged) -
-Moist - 13.5-14.5%
-Mold - 0
-Fungus - 0
-Non GMO
-Packing of 25- 50 -1000 kg.

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