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CFO Mikheil Chkuaseli

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CFO Mikheil Chkuaseli

Ansprechpartner von Geoplant Ltd.


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +995322226320


Geoplant Ltd.
Ilia Chavchavadze ave55
0162 Tbilisi


Geoplant Ltd.

Geoplant Ltd.



The idea of Gurieli was born in 2008. Two years of intensive work with the production managers, workers and farmers, financial institutions, government officials and international partners – marketing companies, vendors and consultants followed. And in 2010 the first packs of packed, branded Gurieli, made of premium quality green tea leaves could be found in all shops across Georgia. Since then we have been working on development and perfection of this umbrella brand. Each day, step by step, full of passion we strive towards our mission: To provide the healthiest drink of the millennium to the world from the finest, environmentally-friendly, best tea plantations of rural Georgia. We see ourselves as partners with our valued customers, employees and community, promoting healthier lifestyle and helping them to lead happier lives. Being proud of what we do, we would like to present the best Georgian brand of tea: Gurieli - Born in Georgia

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