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Christophe Peeters Christophe Peeters



Grote Plaats 51
2323 Wortel

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Mobil: +32468301808

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We, Manure-Colli are a family owned Belgian company that has been already active for over 40 years. We are producers and exporters of organic based fertilizers across the world which has made us a leading and reputable manufacturer and seller of Organic fertilizers. Our strength lies in the fact that we control the entire supply chain from production to delivery.

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Organic Fertilizer 4-3-3 / 3-3-2 + 65 % OM. is a well-known 100% Organic Fertilizer pellet, ecologic and hygienic. The organic material in this excellent, natural plant Fertilizer contains mostly humic acid structures, humic acids benefit soils in facilitating its nutrient availability, they release gradually the minerals present in the ground and therefore, minerals become more available for absorption by the roots of plants.