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Cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao L. of the family Sterculiaceae) are generally 4 to 8 metres high but can reach nearly 10 metres when they are in the forest. The cocoa tree is characterized by a straight stem, a light whitish-coloured wood and a thin, smooth brown bark. The fruit, the pod, is 15 to 25 centimetres in size and contains about 30 to 40 seeds which, when dried and fermented, are known as cocoa beans. The beans are brown to reddish-brown on the outside and are covered with a whitish husk.

The ideal conditions for production are characterised by rainfall of between 1150 and 2500 millimetres per year, a temperature ranging from 21°C to 32°C, a dry season of less than 3 months and deep soil rich in organic matter.

There are three varieties of cocoa. The most widespread is the one commonly known as Forastero. Rather bitter, it represents about 90% of the world production of cocoa beans and is mainly grown in West Africa and Brazil. The second type is known as Criollo. Giving "fine cocoa" type beans, its importance has declined but it is still present in the Caribbean, the West Indies, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, East Timor and Indonesia. The last category, Trinitario, a hybrid between Criollo and Forastero, has a rather fine but not very intense aroma.


APPEXCOCI Association Professionnelle des Producteurs et Exportateurs de Cola de C.I.

APPEXCOCI Association Professionnelle des Producteurs et Exportateurs de Cola de C.I.



Presentation :
The APPEXCOCI (Association of Producers and Exporters of Cola de C.I.) was created on 5 February 2005 in Anyama at the end of its Constitutive General Assembly which brought together producers, buyers and exporters.
The APPEXOCI is thus constituted and governed by the law n°60-315 of December 21, 1960, relating to associations.

Organs of the APPEXCOCI :
It is structured by the following governing bodies:

A General Assembly, the supreme decision-making body
A Board of Directors, the body responsible for implementing the decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Goals of the APPEXCOCI :
The APPEXCOCI's overall objective is to defend and protect the rights of cola producers and exporters, to improve their income and their professional and social living conditions.

Vision of the APPEXCOCI :
The vision of APPEXCOCI is to ensure the emancipation of its members to the point of making them economic agents capable of having a sufficient level of savings and of making productive investments, particularly in order to increase their productivity gains.

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