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Dipl. Ing. Pieter Helfferich

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Dipl. Ing. Pieter Helfferich

Agribusiness management consultant/projectmanager/trainer


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Nieuwe Rij 11
7413 ZX Deventer

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +31 6 53782889
Mobil: +31 6 53782889

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Agriprogress (established in 2006 in Deventer, The Netherlands) stands for sustainable progress in the agri- and foodbusiness and organises this via business development in agri- and food-chains by interim management, consultancy and training. We are creating new sustainable perspectives for agri- and food business companies. Agriprogress supports you in the development of your new business and improvement of your existing activities. We develop projects and realize them. We focus on the full chain from grass to glass. We have experience with projects in and with all links of the agrifood chain. Our clients are banks, investors, governmental organisations (Embassies), supplying companies, farmers and processors. Agriprogress cooperates in and with a network with (project) managers, consultants and trainers in esp. dairy farm management, slaughterhouse and cooling engineering, communication, horticulture and dairy processing. See beside www.agriprogress.com also at www.hollanddairyhouse.com and www.hollandhortihouse.com.

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Partners who want to learn from Dutch agri- and food business Partners who want to develop their business in Western Europe / Romania Partners who want to improve their business in a more sustainable way Partners looking for Dutch knowhow and/or technology partners (new/second hand)


Training and study trips in the Netherlands and Romania Management consultancy and training New business development consultancy Export advice Market development of Western European market and Romanian market