Discover two national parks by canoeing and hiking, 80km and more

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FI-81450 Huhus

Grüne Woche 2019
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Spend four and more days finding your way from Petkeljärvi National Park to Patvinsuo National Park - first paddling for about 80 km, then in a motor boat for 30 minutes and lastly hiking couple or more days. Ranging from the ridges of Petkeljärvi National Park next to the Russian border to the wilderness lake Koitere with hundred islands and ending up to the open marshlands of Patvinsuo National Park, the route takes you on a trip where you explore the unique scenery and the full height of the North Carelia biosphere area – and its’ safe, silent and clean air and water surroundings.

You will spend the nights sleeping in tents at breakpoints with huts, fireplaces and dry toilets. Along the paddling way, you'll pass the ever-changing nature scenes ranging from pine-clad esker ridges to the bald swamp areas, small rapids of Koitajoki and finally reaching the south shores of Koitere. Here you leave the canoe or kayak and sit in a motor boat and enjoy the ride of about 30 minutes across the wilderness lake Koitere and its islands, where the open bogs and sandy shores of Patvinsuo are waiting for you.*

From here onward you can explore the unique beauty of Patvinsuo and its hiking trails at your own pace before you end your adventure. In Patvinsuo you can enjoy the lake Suomunjärvi with sandy beaches, wide expanses of mires with their natural products, and if you are lucky: large predators like a bear... In Patvinsuo you can plan short or long hiking trips. It provides a total of 80km of marked circular trails and nature trails (3–25 km), it has connection to the extensive Karelian Circuit network of longer hiking trails like Karhunpolku trail towards north or Pogostan Kierros circular trail towards south – you can even hike back to Petkeljärvi!

* Instead of riding by motor boat, you can also paddle all the way to Patvinsuo which means paddling one more day. This is an option only when the wind is not too strong at the lake Koitere. The price is the same.

Perfect for: This is a perfect trip for travelers who enjoy self-guided outdoor activities, wish to combine paddling and hiking, and have experience in spending time in the nature. You do not need to have prior or much experience from paddling, but you want an adventurous vacation escape in a scenic wilderness of the eastern borderlands. Swimming skills are required as well as map reading skills. Although this is a self-guided adventure KoiHu personnel is there to support and help throughout your adventure when needed. Check out our feedback in TripAdvisor!

Available for booking online: June 1 - September 31 (some weeks earlier and/or later depending on the weather)

Duration: 7 days in total, first 4-5 days paddling and few days hiking

Rates available:
  • One person in a kayak, starting from 455€/person
  • Two persons in two single kayaks, starting from 650€/2 persons
  • Two persons in a canoe for two, starting from 525€/2 persons

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