Istra district, D. Pavlovsk, d. 110 room 17 floor 1
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Our company is located in Pavlovskoye, Istrinsky district, Moscow region.
We have been working since 2015. People in many cities of Russia, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, know and like our product
The brand "ECO PASTILA" is a unique confectionery product, it is proved not only by high sales growth in retail outlets, but also by interest to the product. In a short time of presence in the market, our products managed to win a large consumer audience.
In a down economy, a new innovative product allows to occupy new niches, displacing competitors from them, and attract new customers, as well as to stand out on the shelves.
The brand "ECO PASTILA" is a socially significant project aimed at the creation of healthy food products, which specifics of the production is based on just fresh fruits and berries without the addition of sugar, dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc.
The product is intended for all people who want to look after one's health, as well as for children, pregnant and lactating women, diabetic-dependent people.
The SMOKVA product is recognized as innovative and is actively used to promote healthy eating among children and young people.
Our production is the award winner of the all-Russian exhibitions, it won the rank of "The Best Product" several times in various nominations.
During its existence, the company "ECO PASTILA" has managed to win recognition of the end user, as a company producing high quality and interesting products.
The product under the brand name "ECO PASTILA" is made by a modern, dynamically developing enterprise, which has three high-performance workshops and which produces more than 40 kinds of sweet and useful products:
  • Fruit pastille "Smokva", 10 tastes;
  • Fruit pastille for children "Smokva", 6 tastes;
  • Pastila croutons, 5 tastes;
  • Fruit pastille "Gift Smokva”, 4 tastes;
  • Fruit and berries dessert "Apple Cheese" 4 tastes;
  • Zephyr "Pavlovsk zephyr rings" 4 tastes;
  • Zephyr "Pavlovsky" 5 tastes;
  • Russian pastille, 5 tastes;

We know how to make these products:
  • we use natural and proven raw materials;
  • We DO NOT use preservatives, flavorings, dyes, flavor enhancers, thickeners;
  • we control the quality at each stage of production;
  • we use modern equipment;
  • we pack products in healthy materials;
  • we deliver orders to the customers ourselves.

Currently, the company is focused on the following:
  • to achieve the maximum level of professionalism;
  • expansion of the range, introduction of new products that will be of interest to the end user.
  • development of individual programs of interaction;
  • improvement of marketing policy and logistics;
  • development of long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, developing a full range of sales channels: wholesale, traditional retail, network operators.
Brand "ECO PASTILA" is a manufacturer of natural sweets, which are prepared from fruits and berries, without the addition of sugar, dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers.