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A12, Avenue Djolu Quartier Matonge
Kinshasa, 75
Kongo, Demokratische Republik


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +243 812870032
Fax: +243 892587911

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L'efficacité et l'efficience dans les affaires

We are a structure of Congolese law, working in the B2B sector and organization of fairground events, with community impact. We will entice economic operators, business leaders, ambitious professionals, and seeking to evolve internationally. We make their lives easier in terms of professional contacts so that they evolve. We conduct market research, surveys on behalf of third parties. We make it easy to obtain the necessary documents to start an economic activity in the DRC. We also facilitate your visit with us in terms of visa. Despite this, the Chamber puts at your service its expertise for the recovery of your economic entities in difficulty, both in terms of business, marketing, accounting, management, logistics. The room allows you to meet the authorities you need for the advancement of your business. You are also focusing on investing in the productive and profitable sector. It also puts at your service a qualified staff. That's why our motto is efficiency and effectiveness in business. With us, invest at a lower cost so that you can win.


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