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Internationale Grüne Woche 2021 – Aktuelle Informationen

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Kafe Chocolatier was founded in 2011 by a Qatari family, who nurtured the dream of creating fine chocolates with an Arabic taste. By the first year, a chocolate workshop was established in our own premises and that was taken as a pilot project, which was amazingly successful in that particular phase, using our own online shopping website as a marketing portal for customers. The use of social media helped us to expand our base and become well-known. To take it to the next level, Kaafe conducted several training course to further understand the secrets of chocolate manufacturing.
During the second year, we opened our Boutique as the first handmade luxury chocolate brand in Qatar. This boutique is the point of sale and the production workshop. By end of February 2015, we were celebrating the official launch of our brand and our membership in Qatar Chamber of Commerce.
Kaafe Chocolatier produces and sells premium handmade Belgian chocolates and related products, Kaafe held on to Qatari culture and heritage in the flavors of its chocolates. The company offers gourmet chocolates, truffles, chocolate dipped fruits, sweets, hot and cold drinks, wedding and party flavors and other items such as gift boxes, chocolate trays and corporate gifts. Kaafe produces seasonal and limited-edition chocolates with special packaging for all major occasions and events.
It sells its products online, through phone call orders and through its boutiques. Kaafe signature creations are the result of years of passion, hard work and creativity. In Kaafe we combine luxurious varieties with unique quality. It also has the ability to produce chocolate by order, customised to individual tastes, with a delightful combination of tantalizing chocolate, fruits, nuts and so much more, made from the finest ingredients and free of preservatives. This is what makes Kaafe unique.
Kaafe is committed to pay 2.5% of its net profit to charity organizations in Qatar. We boycott companies that rely on child labor and farmer slavery. This policy has ensured that we meticulously search and carefully select raw material suppliers who fulfills our conditions. We choose to work with partners who have an established cooperative program for farmers. Kaafe chocolates are fine, luxury chocolates made from fine, high quality, high-flavor chocolates and ingredients. Luxury and fine chocolate means it has a consistent color and satiny sheen, is free of blemishes, has a fresh deep aroma, and is free of artificial flavors or preservatives. Kaafe has over 40 types of fine chocolate,
sweets and truffles that are crafted by passion while adding a signature touch of exclusivity. In
Kaafe we are constantly in search of chocolate innovations to make a deliciously growing reality. In the chocolate world there are three main schools in chocolate manufacturing, the European school, the Japanese school and the American school. We’ve based our business on the European school, as it was the founder of the chocolate industry, and it has the right ingredient balance as well as the right ratio of cocoa:butter:milk. Besides, it is the most common school worldwide. We have also benchmarked our products among high-end chocolate manufacturers like Godiva and La Maison du Chocolat.