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The cola tree is a plant of the sterculiaceae family like the cocoa tree. The cola tree is native to the forests of West Africa. It is a bushy tree of about ten meters in height on average, with yellow flowers and evergreen leaves 15 to 20 cm long, leathery and pointed at both ends. There is a great diversity of colatiers. There are about 140 species of beetles in the world, two of which are very valuable in Africa: the acuminata beetle and the nitida beetle.

The cola tree is a tree of hot and humid climate with a relative temperature of 25°C. It grows with an annual rainfall of more than 1000 mm with a well marked dry season (not exceeding 4 months). There are three types of seasons that correspond to the production of cola :
  • The short production season; May-July;
  • The medium production season: August-October;
  • The great season of production: November-April.
The cola tree prefers soft, deep and well-drained soils (depth: 1 m).
It tolerates variable clay contents. Lightly shaded sites are suitable for the first 3 or 4 years of growth. Cola trees reproduce by nut or seed (generative), by cutting and layering (vegetative).


APPEXCOCI Association Professionnelle des Producteurs et Exportateurs de Cola de C.I.

APPEXCOCI Association Professionnelle des Producteurs et Exportateurs de Cola de C.I.



Presentation :
The APPEXCOCI (Association of Producers and Exporters of Cola de C.I.) was created on 5 February 2005 in Anyama at the end of its Constitutive General Assembly which brought together producers, buyers and exporters.
The APPEXOCI is thus constituted and governed by the law n°60-315 of December 21, 1960, relating to associations.

Organs of the APPEXCOCI :
It is structured by the following governing bodies:

A General Assembly, the supreme decision-making body
A Board of Directors, the body responsible for implementing the decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Goals of the APPEXCOCI :
The APPEXCOCI's overall objective is to defend and protect the rights of cola producers and exporters, to improve their income and their professional and social living conditions.

Vision of the APPEXCOCI :
The vision of APPEXCOCI is to ensure the emancipation of its members to the point of making them economic agents capable of having a sufficient level of savings and of making productive investments, particularly in order to increase their productivity gains.

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