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Internationale Grüne Woche 2021 – Aktuelle Informationen

Ministerium für Ländliche Entwicklung der Republik Estland


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Taste Estonia

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Estonia is situated on the north-eastern edge of the European Union on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is a country where the land meets the sea. Estonia has a sea border of 768.6 km and a land border of 681.6 km. Estonia is also a country of thousand lakes and deep forests. Forests cover up to 55% of the country's territory. Estonia is one of the few European countries where brown bears and wolves live in the forest.

Estonian food can be characterized by its simplicity and closeness to earth. Food is something that demonstrates our roots, reflects our nation - Estonia's blue skies, black earth and golden fields of grain.

Our stand in Green Week focuses on Estonian food and rural tourism. We offer variety of traditional food products from pure nature. Some of our specialties like dark rye bread, spiced sprats, smoked sausages and ham made from elk, sweet curd bars, different products from wild berries, famous liqueur Vana Tallinn, organic vodka, Estonian light beer and sharp mustard are already well-known. The chefs will kindly introduce you the contemporary and traditional tastes of Estonia in our fish restaurant.

Plenty of materials about tourism opportunities in our bigger towns and in the countryside are available in the tourism section of the stand.

Come, look and you will see!