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Farming the Future

We would like to welcome you to the Holland Pavilion (hall 18) during the International Grüne Woche.

Farming, horticulture and fisheries are essential sectors. Farmers, growers and fishermen feed the people. How this is done – globally – today, is not sustainable. Our planet can no longer sustain the burden of the current production methods and consumer behaviour. The United Nations have issued Sustainable Development Goals that are intended to solve this problem in fundamental ways. The Netherlands has contributed strongly to the formulation of these goals and fully supports them.

The government relies on society’s capacity to make the transition to circular agriculture. It invites everyone in the business community, civil society organisations and other governments to get involved, to contribute ideas and to take initiatives.

The Dutch government also has a role to play. It will stand alongside the farmers, growers and fishermen. It will be proactive and will facilitate where necessary. It will take the lead when needed, but in many situations it will be up to the various stakeholders to do this themselves. If the transition stagnates or moves too slowly, the government will apply legislation and regulations on the basis of its public responsibility.

In the coming years, it will be important to focus the actions of government, entrepreneurs and civil society organisations towards measurable goals and results. On this basis, entrepreneurs can invest in sustainable revenue models and coalitions can be formed, making the Netherlands a leader in circular agriculture by 2030.
The government will, as it did in developing this vision, once again actively liaise with stakeholders in order to jointly concretise the goals and to make agreements about the ways in which these goals will be achieved.

In our Holland Pavilion you will find the following exhibitors that all contribute towards sustainable and circular agriculture:
  • GroenteFruitHuis (Fruit and Vegetables)
  • Milieu Federatie (Environment Federations)
  • NZO / Willig (Dairy)
  • Holland Seafood (Fish)
  • La Trappe (Beer)
  • Tasty Tom (Tomatoes)
  • Zuivelhoeve (Dairy)
  • World Wide Cheese (Cheese)
  • SPK (Veal)
  • Pork from Holland (Pork)
  • Lots Marketing (Horticulture)

Besides our exhibitors we also have presentation panels where companies, knowledge institutes and universities presenting their products in line with our agricultural vision
  • Foodhub (Future Farming)
  • Fairfood (Blockchain technology)
  • Wageningen University (Agricultural Research)
  • Rondeel (Egg Farming)
  • Northsea Farm Foundation (Seaweed)
  • Diverse producers Northsea Algae
  • Boskalis (Dredging and heavy lift)
  • Van Oord (Maritime Contracter)
  • Verspillingfabriek (The Surplus Food Factory)
  • Regional products from Holland
  • Salt Farm foundation
  • Beter Leven Keurmerk (Better Life Quality Mark (for animals))

During the Grüne Woche the Holland Pavilion is the place to be with many daily activities, we hope to welcome you at our Pavilion.