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Nicoleta Därämus


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +40 254 247990
Mobil: +40 254 241942


S. C. Laboratoarele Fares Bio Vital Srl.

S. C. Laboratoarele Fares Bio Vital Srl.



In the county of Orastie, right beside the ancient citadel of Sarmizegetusa - the sacred heart of the Dacian kingdom - the popular medical traditions were extremely strong. In the year 1697 these traditions led to the foundation of a pharmacy called “The Golden Lion“ on whose shelves one could find all kinds of herb remedies.
The man who will bring together the popular wisdom and the science at the beginning of the 20th century is Andrei Farago, a visionary pharmacist, whose ardent passion was medicinal herbs. Bachelor of pharmacy in Vienna, in 1908 he became member of the family owning the pharmacy in Orastie by marriage. A practical and innovating man, he devotes his entire energy and intelligence to turning the small pharmacy into a standard of the Romanian phytotherapy.
That‘s how, in the year 1929, the “DIGITALIS“ the First Romanian Society for Medicinal Herb Cultivation Orastie is born, nowadays being called the Laboratoarele Fares Bio Vital.
Here is the place they cultivated herbs that later were coming to life as herb tea, syrups, essential oils, and the Society used to have drying rooms, extraction apparatus, departments and machines for the herb conditioning and chopping and analysis developing laboratories, too. The scientific results, the quality and originality of the products performed here, have gained the sympathy of both specialists and the people in suffering.
As a reward for the special merits of the society he was in charge of, in 1934 Andrei Farago is awarded the royal distinction “The Industrial and Trade Merit first dass“. After the dark era of the communism, in 1995, the company became private and nowadays, after 80 years from its foundation, the “Fares“ is the Romanian society with entirely Romanian capital which holds the first place on the Romanian tea market.
Which could be the secret of its success? lt is the tradition respect, the respect for the values inherited that obliges and motivates us, and, at the same time the respect towards our customers and the care regarding their real needs generated by the modern times we are living through.
Regarded from this point of view, the steps having been covered during the last years appear as natural: the restarting of the medicinal herb cultivation (over 200 hectares), the initiation of environmentally friendly cultures, the complete modernization of the conveyors and laboratories the implementation ofthe managerial quality System ISO 900 1:2000 and ofthe alimentary safety HACCP. All these lead to guaranteed constant high quality products.
Quality and respect towards our consumer also means to be able to select and most favourably combine the herbs, rendering the tradition profitable and deriving advantage from the most recent scientific discoveries, facts that are completed by the doctors, biologists and chemists in our research laboratories every day. And what is not the least, we speak here about the therapeutic efficiency evaluation of our products that confirms the chosen formula.
All these things couldn‘t be possible without the people dedicating a good part of their lives to medicinal herbs, because here, in the “Fares“ society, both owners and employees work together passionately and professionally so that their ideals come true today in herb teas, syrups, essential oils, ointments and creams, tinctures, capsules and pills.

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