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Beautiful Selection of Japanese Green Tea By Miss Tea Ambassador Japan

Rica is Miss Tea Ambassador Japan and also an authorized Japanese tea sommelier/ instructor.
She has selected a variety of Japanese green tea from different regions in Japan.

Enjoy its naturally well-balanced tastes and flavours!

Our tea producers grow the tea with great care and love.

In reality, not many high-quality Japanese green teas are available in Germany.
That's because it is difficult for international tea buyers to evaluate the quality of Japanese green tea without special knowledge about it.
Plus Japanese farmers don't speak other languages but Japanese.

I was born in a family that had run a tea shop and has grown up to be a Japanese tea sommelier and a master of the tea ceremony.

I have the knowledge and experience of a wide range of Japanese tea industry and its culture.
If you are interested in Japanese tea, I can give you advice in English!






A 15-min daily tea time will purify yourself and grow your inner peace

Don't you have a habit like this?
  1. I cannot focus on the present task at hand
  2. I easily become annoyed and irritated
  3. I often make careless mistakes
  4. I always feel mentally tired even though physically I am fine

You might be suffering from 

Today technology developments are annoying us by its negative effects: multitasking and information overload. They prevent us from focusing on the present task but leads our minds to other topics

A 15-min daily meditation at tea time as a solution
A long time ago Japanese tea ceremony was developed based on Zen Buddhism, which emphasizes contemplating as a core practice.

Ocha Mindfulness is a fusion of traditional Japanese tea culture and practical meditation methods. Focusing on brewing tea slowly, carefully and gently will lead you to mindfulness.

It’s been developed by Rica, Miss Tea Ambassador Japan based on her specialties as a Master of Japanese Leaf Tea Ceremony and Japanese Tea Instructor or Sommelier

Benefits to practice mindfulness with tea
  1. Already part of your daily life
  2. No special preparation required
  3. The tea will taste better than ever
  4. L-Theanine for concentration & relaxation
  5. Eco-Friendly
Best tea selection for meditation to connect with nature
Rica has chosen various Japanese green teas for meditation according to the overwork level of your brain. A special video of the mindful brewing by Rica is accompanied with our teas!

Are you interested in our meditation method and/or organic Japanese tea?
  1. Buying and selling Ocha Mindfulness Tea
  2. Holding an event together
  3. Joining Ocha Mindfulness Membership
For more details, feel free to talk to us or go to our website!

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