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Internationale Grüne Woche 2021 – Aktuelle Informationen

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Wojska Polskiego 41/45
98-200 Sieradz


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +48 438286729

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The OSM WART- -MILK in Sieradz has been working constantly since 1926. This business combines dairy traditions with modern technologies to produce high quality dairy products. The major purpose of WART-MILK is to increase Customer’s contentment and to provide the best dairy products to the Polish market and foreign markets (internal and external market). This mission is achieved by the standardization of high quality and good price of our products. Brands like: ‘MU!’, ‘ME!’ and ‘Paczka od krowy’ are well-known as an excellent goods with a delicious taste, nutritional and dietetic features. High quality, health security and also a quaint layout of wrapping are the most important elements which make that our products noticeable on the market and that is why our Customers are willing to choose them.
OSM WART-MILK has been producing the goods under brands: ‘MU!’, ‘ME!’, ‘Paczka od krowy’: drinking milk, UHT milk with different fat content: 0,5%, 1,5%, 2%, 3,2%, UHT goat milk ,UHT creams, pasteurized milk, fermented products (buttermilk, kefir), creams, sandwich and homogenized cheese, cottage cheese and also a butter. OSM WART-MILK also produce powder products. We offer: powder milk full fat and skimmed, whey powder.
OSM WART-MILK is constantly improving and investing in the machines and production department. That results in an introduction of new products on the market with new and refreshed layout. The superior aim of the OSM WART-MILK’s activity is to produce dairy products that are safe for Customer’s health and fulfill their needs. All effort of OSM WART-MILK is dedicated to quality improvement, with special focus on product’s health security that, in fact, is connected with HACCP analysis and IFS standards. The confirmation of the above is an acknowledgement of Lloyd’s Register – an international certification company, that rewarded the OSM WART-MILK for the first time in 2017 and conferred IFS Certificate.
Our products are sold to European Union countries and also beyond its borders. We are implementing an export requirements of many countries (f.e. Customs Union) and systematically expanding this list of new countries and markets.

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