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Rice Department, Ministry of Agriculture


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Grüne Woche 2020


Ladyao Chatuchak Phaholyothin Road


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +66 2 5614519
Fax: +66 2 5615286

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In 1935 Rice Section was established under Division of Farming Extension, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (or subsequently, Farming Department). In 1938 Rice  Section  was promoted to “Rice Division”. “Rice Department” was founded on 16 September, 1953. The Department was responsible for carrying out research and complete promotion of rice production. There were Provincial Rice officers and District Rice officers in every province and district all over the country.
Rice Department was reestablished on 1 6 March 2 0 0 6 by combining the organizations responsible for rice. These organizations were, Department of  Agriculture,  Department of Agricultural Extension, and parts of Office of Agricultural Economics. The Rice Department was set up to particularly be responsible for improvement of rice production. This includes improving yield and quality, breeding, conservation and protection of rice seed production, inspection and certification of rice standards, farmer development by technology extension and dissemination, processing and other management practices to raise the value of rice, as well as marketing and promotion of culture and local wisdom of rice production.
The missions aim to enhance Thai rice production, improve productivity, provide better services for farmers and people involved, and ensure that rice farmers can earn stable, sufficient and sustainable income.


Sukon Thuamma

Agricultural Research Officer Senior Professional Level
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