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Veronika Merkulyeva

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Department of tourism and resort activities development of Altai Region

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Veronika Merkulyeva

Tourism representative / Tourism board


Fachbesucher von Department of tourism and resort activities development of Altai Region

41st Lenin street
Altayskiy Kray
Russische Föderation

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +7 960 945-70-70
Mobil: +7 960 945-70-70

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Department of tourism of Altai Region is responsible for providing international promotion of Altai as a travel destination via press as well as tourism sector representatives.
Altai Region has gained huge popularity among russian and foreign tourists due to unique variety of natural, historical and welfare resources. The greatest interest of tourists is caused by natural objects Altai Region is rich with: rivers and waterfalls, mountains and rocks, fresh ad saline lakes, large forests – the taiga, a pine and cedar forests, springs and caves. Large scale federal projects connected with the development of All-Russia resort Belokurikha, special economic zone of tourist-recreational type “Sky-Blue Katun”, gambling zone “Siberian Coin” are being carried out of the territory of Altai.
Welcome to Altai Region! Lets meet: Booth 210 (Hall 2.2)

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I am searching for journalists interested in Altai as a travel, wellness, gastronomy, adventure tourism, who is willing to prepare a publication, article, TV reportage on the Altai Region. I am searching for TOs and TAs interested to open Altai as a destination and offer it to their clients. Tour operators, Travel agencies, Owners of hotels, Rural Tourism, Ecotourism, Lets meet: Booth 210 (Hall 2.2)


Altai Region shows steady development in recreation sphere, offering a unique tourist product. If you are a journalist or a tourism sector representative interested in Altai and/or its tourism potential, let's talk. We can arrange a press tour or a FAM trip in order to further develop your business activities in Altai. Lets meet: Booth 210 (Hall 2.2)