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Internationale Grüne Woche 2021 – Aktuelle Informationen

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Professional Center
Professional Center


058 01 Poprad


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +421 902090848

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Zizak s.r.o. company is producing high-quality distillates and liquors.
By means of the combination of verified and the longest time surpassing and real life tested methods of manufacture as well as the innovative approach, we keep the product of the highest quality dedicated to our final customers.
Zizak GIN 45% was awarded bronze medal in 1917 and silver medal in  1919 on the worldwide wine and spirit competition in New York City.
We have more very successful Products such as:ZIZAK BOROVICKA 45%, ZIZAK PIVOVICA 50% ( beer brandy ),TATRA Spirit liquors and all Fruit distillates. (PLUM BRANDY; PEAR BRANDY; CHERRY BRANDY; APRICOT BRANDY and more…..)
By virtue of time-tested production methods, as well as our innovative approach,
we keep the product at highest possible quality from inception to its final destination to the consumer.
Five of our products are KOSHER PARVE certified.
The secret to our quality lies in a few key elements of production:
All core ingredients used in our mash and fermentation come from certified, local producers — with whom we maintain close quality-control relationships.
Our long-term motto has been adhering to the use of natural ingredients, while strictly avoiding and completely excluding additives, chemicals, artificial colors. No foreign or questionable elements ever come in contactwith our final product.
Last but not least is the artisan distillation process which to a significant degree culminates in the specific execution our recipes — resulting in the irreplicable Zizak taste


Informationen für Fachbesucher

Looking for SPIRIT retailers, Market outlets. Looking for Hotel bar and the restaurant owners.
Looking for importers and distributors.


The bronze medal in 2017 on world wide wine and spirit competition in New York City for two products: ZIZAK GIN and ZIZAK BOROVICKA
Silver medal for ZIZAK GIN in the year 2019 on their worldwide wine and spirit competition in New York City.