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    Grüne Woche 2019
    Salami and Pecorino Parmesan from Amatrice and towns near bye-Region Lazio. Umbria, Lazio, Ariccia, Norcia and Rome are regions highly specialized in preparing cheeses and salami. We also have “Porchetta from Ariccia” . It is the most famous pork in Italy and all over the world, cooked in stone made ovens for more that 10 hours. Our cheeses are prepared only with sheep milk. Our sheeps and pigs that eat on our mountains develope high quality milk for our cheeses and rich pork meat for our salami…
  • Dr. Vincenzo Verdolino

    Fachbesucher von ProPHOS Chemicals S.r.l.
    Sales Manager
    Looking for distributors, commercial partners, and farmer interested in special fertilizers Industrial scale production of high-quality micro-granular fertilizers for Agro (NP) and Garden (NPK) porpoises. Customization of the fertilizer products including up to 8 different elements in the final formulation. State-of-art research&development as well as quality control laboratory. Private label commercial partner's brand. Packaging in aluminum-polyethylene composite foil extremely resistant t…