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5 Ergebnisse

  • Sebastian Buszewski

    Fachbesucher von Biospektrum sp. z o.o.
    Managing Director
    Unique regional organic food, cosmetics and other products and raw materials. Green coffee beans from various places in Africa; moringa raw material (seeds, dried leaves) and products: oil, powdered leaves; charcoal-roasted premium coffee blends in 5 types; fully natural high quality diet supplements via wholesale or network marketing model; other raw materials: natural rubber, wood.
  • Dr Vasanth Kumar

    Fachbesucher von SPARCONN LIFE SCIENCES
    We are looking for distributors/sales partners world wide for disposable natural Areca leaf plates. Our disposable plates are made from leaves fallen naturally from Areca plants, no chemicals used for cleaning, no bleaching of leaves, each leaf is hand picked, jet washed with RO purified water, heat treated, UV treated, free from all microbial load, sterilised using USFDA approved sterilisation techniques. We care for the future of our mother earth by using all natural products. We support a wo…
  • Monika Liu

    Fachbesucher von Qingdao HUAHONG Food Co., Ltd
    Export Manager
    Tiefkühl Wurst exportiert nach China mit guten Preis. Tiefkühl Brot or Brötchen exportiert nach China mit guten Preis. Tiefkühl Obst und Gemüse. Tiefkühlprodukte. Tiefkühllebensmittel. Mehr als 100 Sorte zu wählen.
  • Dariusz Sakowski

  • Wallapa Stirachavarn

    Fachbesucher von M.O.F. - OTK EXPRESS Delivery by Eagles Group Company
    Chief Strategist Officer, CSO
    Importer for product of fruits, rice and Thai Orchid from Thailand High quality product for fruits, rice and Thai Orchid to German and China