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  • Ocha Mindfulness Tea

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    Beautiful Selection of Japanese Green Tea By Miss Tea Ambassador Japan Rica is Miss Tea Ambassador Japan and also an authorized Japanese tea sommelier/ instructor. She has selected a variety of Japanese green tea from different regions in Japan. Enjoy its naturally well-balanced tastes and flavours! Our tea producers grow the tea with great care and love. In reality, not many high-quality Japanese green teas are available in Germany. That's because it is difficult for international tea buyer…
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    Don't you have a habit like this? I cannot focus on the present task at hand I easily become annoyed and irritated I often make careless mistakes I always feel mentally tired even though physically I am fine You might be suffering from  MIND-WANDERING Today technology developments are annoying us by its negative effects: multitasking and information overload. They prevent us from focusing on the present task but leads our minds to other topics A 15-min daily meditation at tea time as a sol…

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    We are looking for business partners who want to hold events together and/or also want to distribute/ sell our products in their countries ●Organic Japanese green teas ●15-min meditation method at tea time