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  • KANCHE International

    The African art and crafts that we display are produced by hardworking Kenyans and other African craftsmen and artists, who have been designing beautiful and unique African art and crafts e.g. abstract soapstone, wooden African tribal masks, African Drums, and animal walking canes, and Maasai and wildlife handicraft carvings, for years; the talent and knowledge of which is passed on from one family generation to the next. Not only do these African art and crafts serve as beautiful home décor but…
  • Ocha Mindfulness Tea

    Beautiful Selection of Japanese Green Tea By Miss Tea Ambassador Japan Rica is Miss Tea Ambassador Japan and also an authorized Japanese tea sommelier/ instructor. She has selected a variety of Japanese green tea from different regions in Japan. Enjoy its naturally well-balanced tastes and flavours! Our tea producers grow the tea with great care and love. In reality, not many high-quality Japanese green teas are available in Germany. That's because it is difficult for international tea buyer…
  • CHA-Link

    • Professionals Professionals
    Don't you have a habit like this? I cannot focus on the present task at hand I easily become annoyed and irritated I often make careless mistakes I always feel mentally tired even though physically I am fine You might be suffering from  MIND-WANDERING Today technology developments are annoying us by its negative effects: multitasking and information overload. They prevent us from focusing on the present task but leads our minds to other topics A 15-min daily meditation at tea time as a sol…

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    We are looking for business partners who want to hold events together and/or also want to distribute/ sell our products in their countries ●Organic Japanese green teas ●15-min meditation method at tea time