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International Green Week 2021 – Current information


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Product description

Die AMC oPan ist ein wahres Schmuckstück in deiner Küche: Flaches und edles Design in hochwertiger AMC Premium Qualität!

Die oPan überzeugt durch ihren einzigartigen O-Strukturboden und den O-Pfannenkörper. Dieser besteht aus hochglanzpoliertem Premium-Edelstahl mit einer grossen Bratfläche. So gelingen schnelle und einfache Gerichte im Handumdrehen.


AMC Alfa Metalcraft Corporation Handelsgesellschaft mbH

AMC Alfa Metalcraft Corporation Handelsgesellschaft mbH


Exhibitor profile

AMC Eat better. Live better.

AMC Advantages
Health and delight under one lid, more time for family and hobbies, a 30-year guarantee through outstanding quality and innovative technology. To name a few of the AMC advantages:
Health and delight under one lid. The secret of this delicious combination lies in the unique AMC cooking methods: cooking vegetables without adding water and frying meat without adding fat. Vegetables cooked this way, taste considerably more intense and are definitely healthier. On top of it all, vitamins, minerals and flavours are much better retained than by conventional cooking with water. When you fry meat without adding fat, you avoid several unwanted calories daily. Healthy and light – as is the food, so is the attitude towards life. And so: enjoy your way to a slim you!
Simple & Fast
You have more free time. By cooking with AMC you save time, energy and effort. Elements perfectly tuned to each other, aid your cooking and ensure that your food always turns out perfect. The Akkutherm-base allows swift absorption and distribution of heat, while the Sensotherm measures the temperature inside the pot. The Visiotherm indicates how hot it is inside the pot at all times. With the help of the Navigenio and Audiotherm you can set your cooking on automatic, while you sit back and relax. With AMC, cooking becomes true pleasure!
Saves Costs & Lasts Long
Our premium products have a 30-year guarantee and an even longer lifespan. With top quality and reliable production in our very own European production centres, we ensure sensible handling of natural resources. With AMC, you save time while cooking which helps to save energy. Cooking efficiently with your favourite pots your whole life long, is what makes this investment particularly appealing: Through daily usage and the various savings, it pays itself off in the shortest time.

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