Ahontuvan Tarhat


Virtasalmentie 130
FI-41240 Kyynämöinen
Central Finland

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Exhibitor profile

Ahontuvan Tarhat produces honey and makes special products of honey.

We are a small family company in the middle of Finland, in the village of Kyynämöinen, house of Ahontupa.

The weather and season tell what we are busy with: when the sun shines we take care of the bees – when it rains we prepare our honey products. During the summer the bees are our main affair – in the wintertime we concentrate on selling our products. Sometimes we also rest, but always we eat honey and berris in which the warmth of the summer remains.

We are delighted by our products. We produce them with great measure and always aiming to better.

The nature gives us much. Please taste how good!

We produce a wide variety of products. Here are some of them.

Honey and good food belong together. Honey enriches the taste of good ingredients, rounds the flavor and cuts the strongest peaks of aroma.

In our jelly ingredients the most of the sugar has been replaced by honey. Honey tempers the sourness of sea buckthorn without diluting the strong taste of the berry. By using honey the jelly doesn’t become too sweet. Honey enables to use a strong amount of otherwise sour berry.

Sea buckthorn jelly makes a rich pair with fish, cheese and in baking for example with cheesecakes. You can taste a good gravy with sea buckthorn jelly like with our other jellies as well. A special delicacy arises also by using sea buckthorn jelly as marmalade on top of bread or biscuit.

Ingredients: Finnish sea buckthorn 52 %, Finnish honey 21 %, sugar 19 %, water 8 %, apple pectin, citric acid, potassium sorbate

Berry honeys we prepare of berries that have been dried as whole berry in low temperature and then ground. Therefore the good subtances of the berries are being captured. In the berry honeys there is a plenty of good material in small measure.

Blueberry and honey is at it’s best as enjoyed as such. Taste, how good everything is. You can make a warm blueberry drink or use it with natural yoghurt or in your morning porridge.

Ingredients: Finnish blueberry dried and ground as whole and Finnish honey

This is a real gourmet product. Good as spread on rye bread, try on sourdough bread; use in oven made root vegetables, puoltry wok. Try tasting several types of meat.

Ingredients: Finnish dried garlic and Finnish honey

SUKLAATI – Honey and Raw cacao
Try with coffee – use as spread – make a cacao drink – enjoy as such

Ingredients: Finnish honey and raw cacao from Peru (organic)

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