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BIOHASKAP® Vitality, pure organic haskap super berry juice, NFC, 300 ml

BIOHASKAP® Vitality, pure organic haskap super berry juice, NFC, 300 ml

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Product description

Best New Product Award BIOFACH 2019
BIOHASKAP® pure organic haskap super berry juice, NFC (Not from concentrate) is made from the best quality berries. It is cold pressed, pasteurized, made 100% of the haskap berries, no sugar added, no preservatives, no colorants, quality system HACCP. The juice has rich ruby colour and unique haskap berry taste. We care on each step of production to maximize level of healthy nutrients and bioactive compounds. Store in a cool place, protect from light.
Enjoy on its own or mixed with apple juice.


Nutracevit SP. Z O.O.

Nutracevit SP. Z O.O.


Exhibitor profile

Organic Haskap superberry products

Nutracevit is a family owned Polish company. We are both growers and processors, so we manage the whole chain from the field to the final product with full transparency to deliver the best quality product.

Our grandparents were gardeners, they cultivated vegetables, fruits, flowers. Our childhood: Maggie with grandma on the field weeding, Martin with grandad helping in harvest logistics and their products sales.After several years, to rest from corporate deadlines and asaps, their grandchildren come back to the roots: buy a land on Kujawy – Central Poland in 2014 and start adventure with haskap.

Haskap superberries/honeyberry (Lonicera caerulea) plant is native to Japan & Kamchatka. Its vegetation starts very early in March-April and oval long berries ripen in the end of May, beginning of June. Well-known for its pro-health properties, the plant was traditionally used and recognized by Japanese Ainu aboriginals as "the elixir of life" (Thompson, 2006). Haskap berries are rich in bioactive compounds: polyphenols (anthocyanins: C3G; chlorogenic acid, luteolin, quercetin, catechins), vitamin C, and minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium (Rupasinghe 2018). They also contain iridoids rarely present in fruits (Kucharska 2016). Its potential health benefits have been described in details in Journal of Functional Food in May 2018 by H.P.V. Rupasinghe:

The orchard was set in 2015 after a field preparation, cultivars selection, irrigation system for fertigation was installed also. From the very beginning we cooperate with creators of Europe’s best honeyberry varieties: Sophia Łukaszewska & her husband Jerome, who started their fantastic adventure with Polish honeyberries in 1991. We follow their advice on cultivation and cultivars selection, we stimulate our plants to synthesize more anthocyanins.

We grow haskap in organic way, as we believe that such a treasure can only be grown in a natural way, without any chemical agents. This way we deliver you healthy fruits cultivated in healthy environment. Our efforts has been appreciated as our orchard has been described as “Great Honeyberry Site” by Canadian haskap/honeyberry lovers site:
In order to maximize antioxidants content we closely cooperate with University Faculties of Food Sciences and examine bioactive compounds level on each stage of the product development. The whole processing is controlled and they are measured on each stage: harvest time, storing, processing, packaging to assure the highest amount of what our haskap has produced on the field. We care much about antioxidants that will be delivered in the final product. In our offer we currently have IQF haskap berries, NFC juice.Other products will come soon, as the fruit is very versatile for making also unique taste jam, confiture, liquor, superberry powder.
You may watch our orchard at or follow our profile on Twitter: #biohaskap. Company mission is to share the knowledge about haskap, its potential health properties and to offer the product with the highest level of the bioactive compounds. That is why we cooperate with other growers and we plan to form organic haskap growers association in the new future.
We offer you BIOHASKAP® Vitality 100% pure organic haskap super berry juice. Our efforts to make it unique in taste and quality were appreciated as our juice won the Best New Product Award in the drinks category at the World’s leading Trade Fair – BIOFACH, in Nurnberg in February 2019. We competed with 100 products from all over the world.
Please come and visit us at Polish stand 101, hall 11.2. We very much hope, when you try the berries and the products, you will join the global haskap lovers and enthusiasts family!

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