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Grüne Woche 2020

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Am Brunnenpark 5 - 6
04924 Bad Liebenwerda


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +49 35341 49890
Fax: +49 35341 498919

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Bauer. Voll im Saft

Bauer. Voll im Saft
Amid the Lower Lusatian Heath Nature Park, in Bad Liebenwerda originates Bauer Fruchtsaft GmH. Since 1993 Bauer has been producing the highest quality of juice, nectars, organic juices and Glühwein (Hot Wine) products and the company brings 4 – 5 new products to the market annually.
During the IGW in 2020 Bauer will display its new “Pausenzeit-Directjuice” assortment in a small-sized bottle. The new assortment is made up of 100% fruit. The sorts: Pear, Graviola (Guanabana), Acerola, Organic Tomato Spicy, Organic Carrot Spicy and Sauerkraut (Cabbage), will also be displayed at the event.
The focus of the IGW 2020 is again the regional apple juice and the aromatic quince nectar. Each apple tastes different to the next one because instead of purchasing the fruit from an industrial corporation the fruits come from an apple picking region here in Bad Liebenwerda. These regional products can only be obtained from older apple varieties, just like grandma and grandpa had in their backyard. Bauer has access to dozens of different apple and quince gathering fields. Fair fruit prices to trade with consumers directly has allowed for a long and solid relationship to be built with our end consumers.
Bauer promotes the planting of new orchards, with a wide variety of different high-bred fruit trees. There used to be many orchards around Brandenburg, however unfortunately they were removed to make way for plantations to be built or because the maintenance was too high.
Orchards are an essential part of the ecological system that we live in, they offer protection and a home for many small animals and are also very important to Bauer. In 2020 Bauer repeats a plant-an-apple-tree event and because of its great success in 2019 Bauer has continued to build on its accomplishment and has therefore planted three new types of trees.
When the doors to the IGW in January 2020 are finally re-opened to the public, visitors can happily come by and enjoy the opportunity to test all the new products the Bauer family has available for you.

Our products

Information for trade visitors

  • Bauer Bio Applejuice clowdy
  • Bauer Bio Tomatojuice hot directjuice
  • Bauer Bio Vegetablejuice directjuice
  • Bauer Bio Orangejuice directjuice
  • Bauer Bio Carotjuice directjuice
  • Bauer Bio Applejuice clear
  • Bauer Bio Seabuckthornnectar
  • Bauer Bio Apple-Seabuckthornjuice
  • Bauer Bio Plumnectar
  • Bauer Bio Redcurrantnectar
  • Bauer Bio Beetrootjuice directjuice
  • Bauer Bio Blueberrynectar
  • Bauer Bio Pineapplejuice directjuice
  • Bauer Bio-Basilico vegetable directjuice


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