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Beekeeping Sauperl Panis, Tomaz Sauperl s.p.


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Trade shows

Grüne Woche 2020


Ul. Jelencevih 10
SI-2341 Limbus


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +386 41726175

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Beekeeping Sauperl Panis, Tomaz Sauperl s.p. – high quality Slovenian honey with protected geographical origin and its products

The main theme of this year’s fair presentation is the introduction of secondary beekeeping products made from honey; honey which is, due to biotic diversity, climate conditions, and the traditional way of beekeeping in Slovenia, unique in Europe. The superior quality of our honey was also recognised by the EU, which awarded us the certification »Slovenian honey with protected geographical origin«. We produce innovative small-scale beekeeping products from this high-quality honey, such as honey beverages, honey with various additions, and cosmetics.

We cordially invite you to visit us at Slovenia’s attractive stand at the fair:

  • Our visitors will be able to enjoy our special sparkling mead MEDINA, try the honey lip-balm Apistik, tincture of propolis, and honey liqueur with propolis, and taste several kinds of mixtures which strengthen the immune system (honey with black cumin, honey with pollen, propolis and royal jelly, honey with beetroot etc.). As well as all these, visitors will be invited to tantalise their taste-buds with various types of excellent Slovenian honey with protected geographical origin.

  • Welcome also to all potential partners who are prepared to participate in further development, promotion, and distribution of our top product sparkling mead MEDINA
The main mission of this year’s presentation of Slovenian beekeeping at Grüne Woche is to secure the support and promotion of the Slovenian beekeepers’ idea for the UN to proclaim May 19th World Bee Day