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Agriculture formed the basis of all advanced civilizations in human history, and a functioning food chain has always been the prerequisite for satisfying sophisticated intellectual and material needs. This ancient tradition is just as relevant today as it has been for centuries and even millennia.

But the methodologies and technologies of agriculture have undergone revolutionary changes and are still changing at a rapid pace. It is the task of fewer and fewer people in agriculture to feed a constantly growing populace. This can only be accomplished with powerful agricultural machinery and intelligent systems.

CLAAS supplies international agriculture with harvest machinery, tractors, and services that set cutting edge standards in quality and performance. Our seed green machines cultivate fields around the world.

But the CLAAS brand is a lot more than the combination of technology and agricultural expertise. We draw on our passion for the farming business and the close relations we cultivate with our customers and partners in our efforts to share in the responsibility to feed humanity.

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