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International Green Week 2021 – Current information

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Dr.oec Daina Saktina

Manager of National stand project
Food industry



Landwirtschaftsministerium der Republik Lettland

Landwirtschaftsministerium der Republik Lettland


Exhibitor profile

The Ministry of Agriculture is the leading public administration institution at the agricultural, forestry and fishery sector in Latvia. The main functions of the ministry are development of the agricultural, forestry and fishery policy and organization and coordination of its implementation.

is a comparatively small country in north-eastern Europe, whose present population is 2 million, inhabiting a land area of 65 thousand km2. Half of area is covered by forest. Latvia is situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, sharing borders with
Lithuania to the south, Estonia to the north, Russia to the east and Belarus to the southeast. Latvia is among the few countries left in the world where natural ecosystems, largely untouched by man, still thrive in half of its territory. Today, Latvia is one of the greenest countries in the world (Environmental Performance Index 2012: Yale and Columbia Universities), second behind the Switzerland. Grain, fresh milk and meat from farms, fresh fish from the Baltic Sea, berries and fruits from Latvian forests, fresh vegetables from market gardens – taken together, these ingredients guarantee high quality natural products.

Key Advantages of Latvia
Latvia has the best combination of advantages for production- robust supply chain, access to quality ingredients, ecological agriculture for natural ingredients, abundance of skilled and competitive labour, industry standards and sustainability, developed transit infrastructure.

Food industry
Production of food products and drinks makes up for 27 per cent of all manufacturing in the country. The sector combines natural products of one of Europe’s cleanest environments with modern manufacturing technologies to produce delicious, safe and healthy foods. Latvia’s food processing companies have developed and upgraded their production facilities to guarantee that domestic food products are of high and stable quality, utilizing several international standards such as ISO, HACCP, IFS and BRC as well as various eco- and bio-certificates. Most ingredients are locally grown and it means domestic food and drink makers can effectively track quality of their products from field to table, giving them an edge in the global marketplace. The sector produces a full range of product lines, including dairy, fish processing, meat and egg production, grains and baked goods, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, and confectionaries. Beverage production includes juices, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, mineral and drinking water and other products. Latvian producers have achieved awareness and recognition globally through their high quality and great taste. Food producers can also take advantage of the country’s developed transit and storage infrastructure, providing efficient transportation to markets.

Export volumes of goods are increasing in all of the largest product groups-agriculture and food products, wood and wood products, metal and metal articles, machinery products, products of chemical industry and related industries, plastics, minerals, vehicles, light industry products and other goods. The main food and farming good export markets are Russia, Lithuania and Estonia, European countries and the main export products are beverage, milk products and canned fish.

Welcome to Latvia
More than one world traveller has called Latvia paradise on Earth, If you have come to Latvia and enjoyed the wonderful capital of Latvia, Riga and its historically older part the Old Riga, visited museums, art galleries, opera and theatres, you can visit also other places in Latvia. Latvia offers green, wild nature, rich historical and culture
heritage, exciting towns, military objects and much more.

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