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Why it’s a GLOBAL FARM
The main reason is based on the concept of agriculture being more than just production,
It became an industry with many connections and links that extends further than our home
land. Agriculture is attached to every scientific, commercial and economic aspect of life. So the GLOBAL FARM started running many activities such as open field cultivation, greenhouse
cultivation and construction, farm products marketing and so many more, for that it became
one of Qatar`s top technical farms in hydroponic technology. Since then, the GLOBAL FARM accomplished more than 1000 med-tech greenhouse for its customers, besides offering agricultural consultations and spreading the culture of agriculture, which because an inseparable part of the GF message. During its journey, the GF patronaged and organized many international activities that gathered expertise from the Arabian gulf, Jordan and east Asia, and then developed to contain imports from China, Holland, and the U.S.A, and everywhere beneficial for Qatar agriculture. GLOBAL FARM future projects Developing field farming by using organic fertilizers produced from our farm. Developing hydroponic and gradually turns it to organic fertilizers. Developing organic waste recycling process to elevate the efficiency of our fertilizer from it, which will open the way to market it as a product in local market. Currently GF is working on the first biological farm in Qatar to nurture the earth worm (night crawler), and produce the worm tea that has high fertility.
Currently the GF is developing (ALASAALA) beehives to raise the honey annual production
quantity. Soon, GF will organize a special site for agriculture truism, where visitors could hand pick the products. Work is currently going on to develop air-condition greenhouses to cultivate rare fruit and flowers.
Work is currently going on fruitful trees for sale in the local market. The GF currently studying the development of coffee cultivating in preparation of presenting it
as a Qatari product next year. Work is currently going on in many national and governmental projects presently, and more than 2500 air cooled greenhouse are getting constructed by GF.
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