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Grüne Woche 2019

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Exhibitor profile

If one asks Mr. Plangger what is the most important condition for good cheese, he answers: „The ground!“ Everything starts with the ground because even if he is healthy and good feed for the cows on him grow, the milk of the cows becomes also good, and therefore at last also the cheese which is produced of this milk. And thus it is Mr. Plangger a big concern that the meadows and pastures are not "ill-treated" with too much liquid manure, because then stinks and rots the ground and the milk cannot become optimum. If the flora "is right", grow exactly the right herbs and grass which the cows bring to the fact that they chew the cud about 65 times what leads to the best possible digestion of the feed. Then the cows are healthy, and quotation Mr. Plangger-„health is much more contagious than illness“, because one must provoke illness, while health is given with right fertilization of the grounds already from the start. A high milk achievement is of course better possible with healthy cows, and this is of benefit, finally, for the consumer. It gets on by itself that the cheese dairy uses Plangger only "hay milk", this is milk of cows who eat excluding grass, herbs and hay and never receive silage.

The variety of the botanical species is important for the quality of the hay milk of course: on healthy meadowland from 50 to 60 different grass grows like red clover, stone clover, Wicken, chervil or Schafgarbe. And now here a novelty comes into play which comes originally from Japan and has proved itself there quite 1000-fold: Calling actual micro-organisms "EM's" or also „building up micro-organisms“, are microorganisms from mixed cultures of useful micro-organisms seeming in the nature which are applied as a vaccination to use the mikrobielle variety in the ground about the plants. She produces "Käserei Plangger" on the base of water and sugarcane molasses. The EM's do not compost attacking biogarbage, but them fermentieren him and create a microbiological climate without putrefaction and mould education and without bad smells. The milk suppliers of the cheese dairy Plangger propose exclusively these micro-organisms on her pastures as a fertilizer and use them also for the improvement of the stable climate. The advantage: the microorganisms improve the ground and with it the plant growth, functioned, by the way, also in the private garden! And if the ground is healthy, these are also the plants, and where the health "is rife", there are no snails, no mildew, no parasites. Pests have in this healthy environment simply no chance. The success of the microbe application has also persuaded those 110 bio-farmers who deliver the milk in the cheese dairy Plangger: they have thanks to the court circulation „dung – ground – feed – cow – milk“ healthy cows in the stable and on the pasture, a better plant growth and no odour problems more.

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