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International Green Week 2021 – Current information


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Product description

​Peru libre is the Peruvian version of the famous cocktail Cuba libre.
We replace the rum with pisco.

Pisco is our Peruvian grapes distillation which contains 42% alcohol.


Brenay Peru International SRL

Brenay Peru International SRL


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Brenay Peru International is a company that is dedicated to the promotion of textile and gastronomic peruvian products around the world. In this opportunity Brenay Peru international is collaborating with Piscos Luna, a peruvian brand of Piscos, that produces two types of Pisco: quebranta and acholado, the last one is used in the elaborations of our cocktails.

We are proud of let you know that Peruvian cuisine is in first place according to the World Travel Awards, our gastronomy is rich since the Inka's times and in todays' time our gastronomy keeps its traditionality but also is entering as a fusion with the Japanese, Italian, French cuisine and many others.

This is a good opportunity to know and delight of our cuisine and cocktails.

We are looking forward to see you!

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