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Claus-Petri-Str. 3
31868 Ottenstein
Lower Saxony

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Exhibitor profile

In 1962 Claus and Waltraud Petri founded the company “Petri Feinkost”. From the beginning, they specialized on creating cream cheese specialties. It has always been essential for them to use fresh ingredients and to keep sticking to parts of traditional cream cheese crafts.  Up until now, a certain part of the production is still made by hand.

Milk of local (Weserbergland) dairy farmers is collected 24/7, 365 and transported to the inhouse dairy. There the milk is further processed and turned into cream cheese. Then the cream cheese is refined by adding fresh ingredients like fresh herbs and vegetables.

Since 1991 cream cheese specialties are being produced under the brand Petrella. In addition to creamy varieties, the portfolio also contains of sliceable cream cheese like pates or Pico-Pralines. With regard to Petrella´s 25th brand anniversary, Petri created a new optical and tasty highlight – the Petrella Jubilee Cream Cheese. It is produced with a lot of handcraft, is especially rich in flavor, and garnished with lovingly decorated chopped chives and pieces of paprika.

In addition to the cream cheese mini-roles that are available under the brand Primello for several years already, we now offer cream cheese tartlets. Those innovative products have won the anuga taste 2015 last summer. They are available in six very special and exquisite varieties.

As goats’ cheese products are becoming increasingly popular, we are constantly expanding our goats’ cheese portfolio. We offer creamy goats’ cheese varieties under the brand Crementell and sliceable goats’ cream cheese roles under the brand Chevrotele.  All Chevrotele varieties and some Crementell products are well-tolerated by people suffering from lactose intolerance as those products contain only of a very low content of lactose (< 0,1g / 100g).

Petri Feinkost is focused on producing high-quality products, by strictly sticking to hygiene regulations and by using daily-fresh ingredients for the cream cheese. Every day huge amounts of fresh chives, fruity-fresh paprika, whole garlic bulbs, fresh leek or sprigs of parsley are delivered to the company. All vegetables and herbs are hand selected, cleaned and cut and then directly added to the cream cheese. The freshness of the ingredients can still be smelled when opening the lid of the package. The incomparable full-bodied and naturally fresh taste of our products is due to the freshness of their ingredients.

From 15.01.-20.01.2016 visitors of the Green Week can have a try on the freshness of our products.
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