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International Green Week 2021 – Current information

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Professional Center
Professional Center


Berliner Str. 122-124
32312 Lübbecke
North Rhine-Westphalia


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +49 5741 27010
Fax: +49 5741 270123

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Barre - Privatbrauer aus Leidenschaft.

The fact that ‘Privatbrauerei Barre’ continues to succeed on the market as a family business since 1842 is partly a result of our principles. These include an uncompromising commitment to quality, to the region and its people and to the protection of natural resources. Now the brewery is led by the sixth generation of management under Christoph Barre.

Recipes that have been handed down over the years, traditional brewing methods and the latest brewing technology have guaranteed top-quality beer from Lübbecke for generations. Barre is the oldest Pils brewery in northern Germany, and we have served as a reliable partner throughout ‘Barre-Land’ since the beginning. Values such as tradition, close regional ties and the highest quality are essential when it comes to producing the finest specialty beer, as indicated in our slogan, which translates as ‘passionate private brewers’.

For us, this is not a fashionable advertising tagline, but a statement of our company philosophy, which is something we have put into action since the outset. The results speak for themselves: in a market that is increasingly dominated by anonymous corporations from Germany and abroad, we maintain our position as a regional private brewery and look to the future with optimism. Our focus is on people and the region – not market share and penetration.

Product range

Barre Pilsener (pils beer)
Louis Barre Imperial - Bouquet Lager (lager beer)
Barre Festbier (festival beer)
Barre Dunkel (dark beer)
Barre Maibock (strong pale lager)
Barre Alt (ale)
Barre Weizen (wheat beer)

Beer alcohol-free
Barre Weizen Alkoholfrei (wheat beer alcohol-free)
Barre Alkoholfrei (alcohol-free)

Mixed beer drinks
Barre Alster (lemon shandy)
Barre Natur Alster (natural lemon shandy)
Barre Natur Alster Alkoholfrei (alcohol-free natural lemon shandy)
Barre Alt Schuss (beer with coke)

Barre Fassbrause Zitrone (soft drink with lemon)
Barre Fassbrause Holunder (soft drink with elderberry)
Barre Fassbrause Rhabarber (soft drink with rhubarb)

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LNRW-Landesehrenpreis 2017
Meister.Werk.NRW 2019
selection - GOLD Top Level for Barre Natur Alster Alkoholfrei
selection - GOLD for Barre Natur Alster, Barre Weizen, Barre Weizen Alkoholfrei, Barre Dunkel and Louis Barre Imperial - Bouquet Lager
DLG-Qualitätsprüfung - Gold for Barre Natur Alster, Barre Natur Alster Alkoholfrei, Barre Weizen, Barre Weizen Alkoholfrei, Fassbrause Zitrone and Louis Barre Imperial - Bouquet Lager