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International Green Week 2021 – Current information

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Professional Center


Kvänum Gategarden 1
SE-535 91 Kvänum


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +46 512 93823

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Qvänum Mat & Malt is a brewery and destillery, located in the barn of Gategården, just outside Kvänum. The farm is situated in the old village of Badene, which dates back to the 600 century. Gategården was operated by the family Hermansson and there where both cows, award-winning horses as well as hens and pigs. The village’s dairy was to be found on the farm.
The farm belongs nowadays to Claes and Annica Wernerson; two agricultural technicians, Claes from the neighboring farm and Annica from Ötergötland.
However, there hasn’t been much primary production for the two. In 1990, they founded Werners Gourmet Service. A whole sale business who imported small-scaly produced delicacies from throughout the world and distributed these to Swedish restaurants. The business was sold in 2004 and Claes and Annica turned to new challenges.
We bought the farm in 2004 and after one year of renovations was the barn’s stalls, feedings tables and dung grooves replaced with a distillery, a brewery and a restaurant. The new company was named Qvänum Mat & Malt. Mat (food); for our constant focus on the combination food and drinks, Malt; for brewery and distillery and Qvänum; because the old spelling simply is fancier!
The heart of our business is the brewery and the distillery. Our production is entitled micro and our ambition and passion is to create handcrafted table drinks. Our main focus is the combination food and beverages and our base is the Swedish beverage tradition. We northerners have historically been producing lots of really good beer and spirits – something we seem to have forgotten today and instead proclaimed wine to be the foremost table drink. We did and do not agree and back in 2004, we bought a beautiful pot still to distiller spirits and borrowed old milk tanks in order to brew beer.
Today have we got a proper brewing equipment with a capacity of 400 liters and we are brewing a wide range of ales and distilling various spirits with innovative seasoning.
Theme nights take every so often place in the restaurant where guests can enjoy a dinner cooked on the local products of the season. It is also possible to sign up for a night with cooking class; you and your friends will create in the kitchen together with our chef! Brewery nights and various tastings are also part of the agenda, keep updated on the website!
Qvänum Mat & Malt was certificated in 2006 by Västsvensk Mersmak, which is a quality development program for the west of Sweden.
The business was the same year awarded with the county’s Environment Award.
Claes was in 2010 elected to become Västergötlands Matlandsambassadör; ambassador of the province’s food culture and production in the Swedish governments campaign to make Sweden the “new food country” .
The brewer Rikard Ramberg was employed in 2011. Rikard is an educated brewery technician at the college of higher vocational studies in Ludvika.

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