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Product description

The solar veranda “Berlin” can differently be used, for example mainly as terrace roofing which can quickly be closed to a closed sun room in bad weathers. The bent panes being easily to push up and down, having a patent lock and KST* facilitate its operation and make this design become a quick-change artist. If the weather is good and the sun shines you are quasi sitting outdoors and being protected like this, you can enjoy your end of work. A partially opening you have every possibility of an adjustment referring to the temperature or ventilation. The solar veranda “Berlin” is ideal as a roofing for your terrace / sitting place, as a windbreak or protection against rain or as a leaning against greenhouse to overwinter your plants and flowers, if you guarantee frost-freedom by an appropriate additional heating.

Trade shows

Grüne Woche 2020





Exhibitor profile

In order to fulfil your ideal and desire for a green-house, we have built up our standard serials that we can consider your individual desires - whether a green-house, a leaning against green-house, a solar veranda or a special product exactly according to your measures.
For all those who want to modernize, expand or install their green-house - even a foreign brand - we can offer complete glazing sets, seals and other accessories for a green-house.

If possible, you should purchase it in the autumn or in the early spring due to the start of the gardening season in the green-house in January/February and if you do not know where to take the bucket plants, then a green-house offers to be an ideal winter place.

Should you be an owner of a green-house, you can harvest your fruit and vegetables without any harmful substances, chemical additives and pesticides. Tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, radish, kohlrabi, cauliflowers, salads are the typical plants. But also some tropical specials (lemons, oranges, etc.) go well in a green-house, cactus and succulents feel good in a well ventilated and well-tempered (approx. 10°C) green-house. Orchids and bromelia can be divided into some plants of the cold, temperate or warm (tropical) zone. Corresponding to such a division the glazing has to be chosen. In a heated green-house then the fascinating flowering splendour can develop to the full.

Our exhibition
In our big exhibition in the industrial zone of Apen you will find a diversified selection of our products which we have been awarded for in 2001. The exhibition site has been expanded by 300 m² and there we have a beautiful garden pond inviting you to stay and have a look around in silence.

In the middle of 2007 we expanded our exhibition so our customers will also see our bigger modells like the "Orangerie" and special greenhouse constructions.

Come and see us!
We are open from Monday until Friday from 7.00 h until 17.00 h; on Saturday it is from 9.00 h until 12.00 h. On Sunday the exhibition is open from 14.00 h until 17.00 (without assistance and sale).

Or visit one of your sales partners in the near of you.

We look forward to hearing from you or to welcome you in our exhibition.

Trust in our experience!

Your team of HOKLARTHERM

For more information please visit our website.

Trade shows

Grüne Woche 2020

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