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International Green Week 2021 – Current information


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Product description

Vanille aus Madagaskar und Reunion (Bourbon-Vanille) hat einen intensiven, harmonischen und „dunklen“, sehr ausgewogenen Geschmack; sie wird am höchsten bewertet.
  • Vanille Schoten
  • Vanille Pulver
  • Vanille Extrakt


Mada Spice GbR Andreas & Lalasoa Ruckdeschel

Mada Spice GbR Andreas & Lalasoa Ruckdeschel


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About Madaspice “We share the joy of life”

The company MadaSpice Madagascar was founded in October 2004
MadaSpice Madagascar is a small family business with 25 employees in Antananarivo, Madagascar. We work closely with the farmers and Villagers. Our vanilla plantation is located in the rainforest in the southeast. The most men living in villages collect wild herbs in the forest.

The company MadaSpice in Munich was founded in December 2004, and has as task not only to promote & sell the product of MadaSpice Madagascar in Europe, but also to show the culture of Madagascar.

Our common goals are "Learning to help each other as a the Fight against Poverty, and against the marketing of poverty" -
The handicrafts that we sell with our spices are the work of women in the villages (our employees). We send the cost of the Handicraft back to Madagascar after the fair, so that they are able to pay and buy their first needs, so there is a steady income for each family. This is the first stage of development. Even, we are not a NGO

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