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  • Beekeeping Sauperl Panis, Tomaz Sauperl s.p.

    Beekeeping Sauperl Panis, Tomaz Sauperl s.p. – high quality Slovenian honey with protected geographical origin and its products The main theme of this year’s fair presentation is the introduction of secondary beekeeping products made from honey; honey which is, due to biotic diversity, climate conditions, and the traditional way of beekeeping in Slovenia, unique in Europe. The superior quality of our honey was also recognised by the EU, which awarded us the certification »Slovenian honey wi…
  • MME Chan Teing Hi Hong Annie

    We are malagasy from the North Eats part of Madagascar, the principal part of the country where vanilla beans are We grown and my father is a vanilla beans refiner for more than 40 years. Futhermore, we present jams, different spices, chocolate, rum from Madagascar