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  • Café de Colombia 100% - 1.000g coffee beans

    The traditional roasting of the green coffee beans "Colombia 100%" takes place in Spain, to ensure the freshness and high quality on the European market. Furthermore, a gentle roasting process ensures that our coffee contains low acidity and little bitterness, which are very easy to handle. A coffee with pleasantly sweet and fruity fragrances reminiscent of caramel and mildly dark chocolate. Impressive due to its discreetly fruity acidity, the elegantly creamy body and its harmoniously equilibra…
  • Café de Colombia 100% - Ground coffee 250g packaging

    A coffee with pleasantly sweet and fruity fragrances reminiscent of caramel and mildly dark chocolate. Impressive due to its discreetly fruity acidity, the elegantly creamy body and its harmoniously equilibrated balance.
  • Café de Colombia 100% - Highland- Arabica Gourmtet Cofee

    The gourmet coffee offered by us for sale and tasting is labeled "Café de Colombia". It is a "100% certified" Arabica Excelso bean, which is selected by hand, in order to keep the quality of the coffee "Colombia 100%" at an international level very high. The cultivating region of the high-quality Excelso beans is located in the coffee triangle of Colombia, where the unique coffee beans grow on green slopes at a height of 1,200 to 1,800 meters above sea level. The fruity taste and an intense arom…
  • cafe de la fonda

  • Café SierrAzul Inh. Johanna Harzig

    Kaffee aus Kolumbien 100% Arabica  Bio Kaffee aus Kolumbien 100% Arabica. Caffe Sierra Azul Gourmet kommt aus der Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta und wird von den Arhuacos Indianer angebaut. Eis aus Kolumbien
  • B.Sc. Aleksandar Cerevicki

    Trade visitor of EcKER DOO NOVI SAD
    Looking for company distributors at some EU countries (Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece), EX-YU countries (except Serbia and Slovenia), former USSR countries (except Lithuania) and Turkey. Also searching for distributors in North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Alger, Morocco). Long term business cooperation with company who has daily contacts with agricultural producers, agricultural pharmacies...
  • Café de Colombia 100% - Galeria Eldorado

    • Professionals Professionals
    For many years our company has been committed to the marketing and distribution of food from Colombia, including high-quality highland Arabica and Panela whole cane sugar. We work with several farms that cultivate coffee and whole cane sugar in family businesses and produce them by hand. Our project aims at the economic independence of the farmers and supports the rural regions. We can thus create new opportunities and development opportunities for the country and its people.
  • Kaffee Huila Supremo

    Der Columbia „Huila Supremo“ ist 1Synonym für absoluten Kaffeegenuss und steht für höchsten Anspruch beim Geschmackserlebnis. Anbauhöhe: 1700 bis 2000 Metern. Wo: Zentral- und Ostkordilleren Er hat einen kraftvollen Körper, ein volles Aroma und einen leichten feinen Säuregehalt.
  • Kaffee Kolumbien Bio

  • Kaffee Sierra Nevada Santa Marta

    Feinster Kaffeegenuss garantieren auserlesene im Schatten kultivierte Arabica-Bohnen ausschließlich von der Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta dem höchsten Küstengebirge der Welt. Unter organischen Produktions verfahren wird die erlesene Kaffeebohne in einem kleinen Tal von den Arthuacos-Indianern kultiviert. Die aufwendigste Form der Kaffeelese von Hand und der absolute Verzicht auf Chemikalien garantiert seine ausgezeichnete Qualität und gewährleistet einen absolut unbelasteten Hochgenuss. 100% Arab…
  • Organic Cane Sugar - Panela

    The perfect coffee sugar! Panela is the perfect coffee sugar. Why? The caramellig-malty taste of Panela fits perfectly to the bitter substances of the coffee - even baristas and roasters are enthusiastic. Panela is a real pleasure for all those who sweeten their coffee, without the aggressive industrial sweetness in crystal form. The small spoon of Panela in an espresso dissolves immediately and does not overlay the coffee aromas. The espresso retains its character. In coffee specialities with …