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  • Naveed Ahmad

    Trade visitor of United Buisness Impex
  • Dr. Vincenzo Verdolino

    Trade visitor of ProPHOS Chemicals S.r.l.
    Sales Manager
    Looking for distributors, commercial partners, and farmer interested in special fertilizers Industrial scale production of high-quality micro-granular fertilizers for Agro (NP) and Garden (NPK) porpoises. Customization of the fertilizer products including up to 8 different elements in the final formulation. State-of-art research&development as well as quality control laboratory. Private label commercial partner's brand. Packaging in aluminum-polyethylene composite foil extremely resistant t…
  • Dung Duong Dung

    Trade visitor
    We have farm to production fresh fruits as Banana, Mango, Mangoteen, PineApples, Dragon fruit, Lemon ( without seeds) Lemon (seeds)
    Iam looking for Importers around the world to buy fresh fruit, frozen fruit, dried fruits from ours products. Banana ( care and platation by pee of cattles - buffalo imported from Australia), Mangoteen, Pineapples, dragon fruits, and frozen fruit, soft dried fruit, and dried fruits ( banana chip, jack fruit chip, pineapples chips,